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Born from a young team of entrepreneurs, Kandle benefits from the most efficient logistic structure allowing us to deliver your cherished candles within two days for no additional cost. We also have an exceptional customer service that provides the highest standard of services to solve your query. The shop devotes itself to introducing you the best high quality crafted products and, for us, it is a way to express our universe and our passion for scented candles.

Scented candle can help you reach a state of flow

As enthusiasts who like turning their dreams into reality through creativity and pragmatism, we strongly feel that the immersive and complete sensorial atmosphere created by scented candles can really transcend your energy. From the soothing geometry and pleasing colours of the candle vase, the warmth - both visually and from the heat it emanates - and liveliness of its dancing flame and the exhilarating and refined vapour they spread, scented candles bring you to a state of imperturbable flow where mirages are clear and accessible.

Create a personal and welcoming atmosphere

As much as scented candles create a cosy and personal setting for your space, it has nevertheless a similar impact on the people you welcome. This beautiful and noble piece of art blends into any of your rooms and enhances the experience through its scents and the interactions it creates. Through its heavenly fragrance, scented candles allow the people you welcome to discover more about you and spark curiosity as candles express your current mood and reflect your identity. 

A refined pleasure worth living

The biggest pleasures in life are often the simplest and we are convinced that sparking the wick of a freshly opened scented candle is amongst those satisfying moments. This sense of euphoria is mainly created by the high level of craftsmanship and humanity displayed throughout the conception of these pieces. Just like a fine cocktail is imagined, adjusted and  composed, scented candles are a pure mastery of the olfactory sense and the harmonious associations of carefully measured fragrances invite us to discover hidden satisfactions only our senses can acknowledge.

The choice is now in your hands. Which candle will unlock your potential, unveil your personality and awaken your senses? At Kandle we pride ourselves in selecting the best candles that will enlighten your day through its brilliance and its sensorial uplifting properties. To offer you the best experience, we have a strict selection process that can be summarized into 3 key values: transparency, quality and commitment.

Trust is the single most important value.

At Kandle, transparency is the most strict rule by which we play. We believe in establishing a harmonious ecosystem where customers can fully trust our shop and know that the product they buy is genuine and honest. We believe that quality and respect of the product and their producers has a price and our goal is to help companies grow by aligning our prices with theirs.

Passionately crafted with premium quality components

When speaking about quality, we only think about the tangible result of a refined product and tend to forget the full scope of its creation. For us, quality is a state of mind and rigorous process that is ever transitioning between the hands, the heart and the mind of the people behind their  products. We strive to work with great companies and the passionate people running them, which guarantees that products are composed of the finest elements and that our clients will come back to Kandle for future purchases.

A commitment to commitment

Nowadays, every company has a role to play in the development of a brighter future, which is why we believe in promoting companies that use their product as a means to fight for a meaningful cause. Hence, Kandle has decided to lead by action and, for every order we receive, we plant one tree as a gesture to revive our beautiful Mother Nature. In the future, we hope to implement more poignant actions as our goal is to help provide a light to those who are living in darkness.

Kandle’s team thank you warmly for your trust and our customer service is ready to resolve your request. It’s a privilege to help you discover our world where we introduce you to high quality candles and their committed producers. We are really looking forward to improving our shop, expanding our offerings and increasing our impact in the world.


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